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♦ The LTD Group

Already 33 years of solutions in the field of logistics, transportation and distribution. The company LTD propeses you, with its dynamism and its know-how, solutions adapted to your needs and flexibility in terms of management of your goods in an irreprochable quality logic, a benefit for logistics, transportation, safe; Quality LTD

The group LTD transport and the logistics is a global actor of the supply chain at the international level. For this purpose, LTD has 600 employees, representing 19 integrated agencies everywhere into France. Services LTD are perfect in goal for optimization your supply chain. Therefore, for the logistics section, the group offers storage, preparation, ordering, picking, cross docking ...  For the transportation section, innovative technological means are available to customers for traceability perfect their product quality and monitoring of all transport services LTD. In terms of growth, the group saw its sales double in five years thanks to the dynamism and responsiveness of its teams are, LTD, the key elements of logistics and transportation. For logistics, the group deploys 60,000 square feet of warehouse storage and advanced technologies such as web tracking and barcode readers. Regarding the transport section, the group has a hundred trucks throughout France. And in a sustainable development policy, the Group LTD has established with its drivers, eco driving and has all the clearances present a transport company can have in environmental protection.

♦ Transportation - Distribution

- Tautliner (2.85 m of route)
- Closed double floor (3m inside)
- Tautliner tailgate
- Trailer Tautliner (with embedded carriage)
- Carrier
- Truck Trailer
- Platform Crane
- refrigerated trailer
- Volume: 80/100 m3
- Weight 23/26 tons
- Film and Surface: 13.40 & 15.20 ml ml
- Height 2.50m to 3m
- Palletizing from 33/34/38 pal / soil to 76 pallets (stackable)

- 70 departments delivered in 24/48
- delivered in 15 counties 48/72h
- Loading of 11 to 33 pallets for the national transport

♦ Logistics

- Packing and unpacking of containers
- Storage
- Order Preparation
- Picking
- Packaging
- Management of flow
- Cross Docking
- Customs clearance of goods
- Handling of heavy loads
- Control attended

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